Monday, November 26, 2007

today I watched the movie "Paris, Je t'aime".

wow, what a nice movie. It is just so sweet. I really liked the story about the guy that walks into a textile factory or whatever it is, and sees this other guy (I did realise after a moment that yes, they ARE gay) and might I add, the guy is amazingly beautiful, similar looking to the guy in the post just below (random hottie) however this is beside the point and I am wandering away from the story. Anyway, this guy starts talking to the other guy, without even waiting for any response. He just says all this stuff about how when he saw him, he felt that he had to speak to him otherwise he would know he had missed out on something great blah blah blah. Then he gives him his number and says (and the whole time he's speaking in french) "call me sometime, we must have a proper chat because i know we are soulmates". Then he leaves. And then, and this is the funny part, the guy is sitting there just looking confused, and someone comes over and says "what was he saying?" and the guy says IN ENGLISH "I have no clue, I don't speak enough french to understand" !!!!!!!!

How sweet and yet sad!

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