Monday, November 26, 2007


I can't stop listening to brit rock. the libertines, the arctic monkeys, belle and sebastian, the beatles...i can't stop listening to the kooks (it's all i've listened to for about 5 days straight). the phrasing of the lyrics are so fantastic, I don't know, but british rockers just have a knack for it. my number one song for the minute is ooh la - the kooks.


Mash said...

at this time i m in love with the babyshambles <3
must listen the kooks :)

ChiliLady said...

yey, libertines & babyshambles - the best!!
your blog is awesomeness!

Fashionista said...

Yeh Libertines and the Kooks are really good.
What did everyone think of the Brits and Macca's performance.
He is a British rock institution but that performance wasn't doing it for me

Belle said...

i'm in a brit fix too. i've had the hoosiers on shuffle and loop for weeks with the kooks and libertines. it's like heaven.