Saturday, August 25, 2007

Latest Discovery

I've just discovered this very cool makeup brand: Benefit San Francisco. It's good quality but young and bright, unlike the boring old grandmummy labels like lancome and estee lauder etc.
What else is cool about it is that the packaging has cute little quotes and illustrations! This is the website for it:

Another Great Discovery

Kit cosmetics. Really youthful, fun, and affordable. The nail polish is especially great, bottles are only $16, and they come in the greatest colours (dark purple being my fave right now)

Style Queen

This girl is always dressed beautifully, effortlessly chic and boho. Of course I'm talking about Sienna Miller! Apart from her relaxed and unique style, she's just naturally gorgeous and never goes over the top, or looks trashy. Not to mention she sports my fave bag for the moment, the Louis Vuitton "That's Love" tote.

Friday, August 24, 2007