Saturday, August 25, 2007

Latest Discovery

I've just discovered this very cool makeup brand: Benefit San Francisco. It's good quality but young and bright, unlike the boring old grandmummy labels like lancome and estee lauder etc.
What else is cool about it is that the packaging has cute little quotes and illustrations! This is the website for it:


jadorevogue said...

Of course you can link me! I'll link you too. I see that you're 15 like me :)

jadorevogue said...

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it is pretty cold in Iceland in the winter but the summers can also be warm. Australia is faaar away but I've always wanted to go there.
The fashion scene in Iceland is not so big, there only live about 300.000 people here. In Denmark and Sweden though, the fashion scene is always getting bigger and bigger I think.
Thank you for the compliment on my english :) I only started learning english five years ago, so my vocabulary isn't that good. I often need to check the dictionary ;)

coco said...

i love benefit packaging
but i find it never works too great on my skin
ysl and este lauder make the best make up in my opnion

and i would love to be in your favourites
i will add you into my links when im next doing my template

penelope said...

yupp!!! benefit's so fun!!!
love love their bene tint(:

Daphne said...

love benefit!nice post!

Mash said...

yeah no problem babe you can link me :) i ll do the same when i ll have more free time ;)

Mash said...

I Love this brand and the packaging is too fall down , seems like you ve got an old collection very expensive and so beautiful <3

Juliet said...

but i love lancome